We offer clean, professional, customer friendly themed websites for small businesses. Let us build your website and maintain it, allowing you to free-up your valuable time. We will present your business to the world and more importantly to new potential customers.

K and K Website Design

Managed Website Hosting

Website hosting is that really needed? 

That would be a big yes! Your website will need to have files stored on an online computer or better known as a server. This allows access to your website’s files by the Internet allowing people to view your website. So without website hosting the website can’t be accessed by the world, that makes it mighty important for your website. 


What Is Our Managed Hosting Service? 

Securing and maintaining the hosting of your website is all us. We will get your new website up and running in no time, then keep your website up & running and updated. That is what our managed hosting is all about. 

K and K Website Design

How Much More Will This Cost Me?

Don’t worry about the cost for all the things you will need to keep your website running. It is all part of one of our website packages which will include the hosting for your new website. Remember what we quote is what you pay no hidden fees.

So Now What Do I Need To Do?

Nothing at all for the hosting but you should be starting to map out your new website. After your future website domain name is secured and when your website is ready to have the files loaded into your domain name, we will find that home (hosting) for your new website.

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