We offer clean, professional, customer friendly themed websites for small businesses. Let us build your website and maintain it, allowing you to free-up your valuable time. We will present your business to the world and more importantly to new potential customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have your answers.

Over the years there has been frequently asked questions by our clients. Please review our FAQ list and contact us if you have something you can’t find the answers from our list. 


Terms, Guarantee and Contract

Are the terms difficult to follow?

Not at all, we have an easy to understand terms of service agreement. This agreement details how we do things.

Do I have a contract for my services?

Yes, we have no hidden fees or surprises when you use our services. The contract will spell out everything about our service agreement.

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is important to us, we will not sell or supply your contact information with any third parties unless approved by you or required by law.

Is there any guarantee with my services?

We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. This will assure you that what you purchase from us, you will be satisfied with it. This will be stated in the website service contract.

Meeting, Contact and Business Visits

Do we need to meet about my project?

We have clients from all over and normally we can do everything without meeting face to face. If your business is within Michigan we can meet at your location for a minimal fee.

What is the easiest way to contact you?

The fastest method to contact us is to use out contact form or send us an email. You can also call us but due to the nature of our business you may have to leave a message.

Website Name and Hosting

What is a domain name?

The name used for the website address on the Internet is a website domain name. Most are the business name or product name of the website like mybusiness.com or myproduct.com

How do I get a domain name?

It is part of your services from us, we will secure the domain name for you. You may want to think of alternative domain names also if your first chose is not available. 

How do I figure out what domain name to use?

Your domain name should have your business name or product name in it so to brand your website domain name. The end of the web addresses (such as mybusiness.com) is called a top-level domain. The .com ending is the world's most common generic top-level domain.

What should I not to do with a domain name?

Using dashes between your name, my-business.com would be harder for a visitor to remember then mybusiness.com, keep it simple and straightforward. Don’t worry, if we think there could be a better name for your domain we will suggest it to you.

The website Design 

How does the whole website process work? 

First we will talk with you about your project. We will then have you begin the process of building content copy, graphics and what pages you would like for the website. We will build a mock-up of your website for your review. Then finally publish your website on the Internet.

What will happen once the mock-up website is done?

Once we have the mock-up done, you will review it and supply us feedback for changes or additions. Once all the updates and additions are done and you are satisfied with the website it will be published on your domain name and open for all to view.

How long will it take for me new website?

We start on your new website the day we receive all your information. Normally we will work up a mock-up of your website within 10 day for your approval.

Will I have feedback opportunities during the development of my new website?

You will have the ability for input all the way through the process. Your input is the driving force to your new website!

How do you build my website?

We use the latest theme driven software to develop our websites along with special coding for the pages. This allows for a speedy launch of your new website and gives proven page functionality.

Is there a website you won't build?

We always do our best to accommodate clients but there are a few projects we decline to do. Websites with hate-filled content or pornographic type websites are examples of what we will not do.

Content for the website

Who writes the content for my new website?

The content is usually done by the client. We can assist you, if needed, from your supplied business information like company literature or social media content.

Can there be photos used in my website?

Yes you can add photos in the content of your web pages. Remember we are here to do what you want for your new website. We do ask you to have the photos sent with your content for the web page.

Can I use content or photos from other websites?

The use of content or photos from other website in most cases are not allowed without written approval from the source. Using them without approval would be a copyright infringement.

What graphics can I use on my new website?

We normally will use photos supplied by you. If you don't have photos we do offer on-site photo services for a fee. We also have a selection of royalty free photos we can use.

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